Who answers my blog (an experiment)

[Update: I've set the email address back to my own account.]

Well, it's summere here in Seattle, and that means its time to take some vacation.  I've been 100% responsive to questiosn sent via the feedback form my blog so far, but I'm going to be in and out of the office, so I'm changing something around.  I'm setting the feedback email address to go to a small alias of folks in Microsoft that have contributed to PrintTicket.  If I'm not around, you might hear back from one of them instead.  Of course, questions will still end up in my personal in-box as well, and I'll still send the responses to most of them.  If it works well like this, I may leave it set up this way.

Thanks to everyone for the great questions.  In addition to being able to help you, it's been helpful to us in gaining insight into where the pain points are.

- Ben