KB925780 Administration Tool

Hi guys,

A new hotfix is now available to tune the ABP Synchronization in CRM 3.0.
This ABP Sync process was not tunable before and we synced all the records by default.

Now we will be able to tune all the impacted entities:

  • Account
  • Contact
  • Lead
  • Equipment
  • Queue
  • SystemUser

And for these entities, 4 Level of synchronization will be available:

  • Off
  • User Level
  • Business Unit Level
  • Organization Level

NB: Not all these levels are available for all the entitites.

This fix will be really helpfull to solve situations where Outlook HANGS because of the massive ABP Synchronization process when user have a lot of contacts/accounts to sync.

The tuning exposed above will normally be done via registry with DWORDS keys inside MSCRM Registry Hive.
I just decided to offer a GUI to setup this fix.

 Here is the screenshot:

KB925780 GUI

You can download the tool along with documentation in the Download section of this blog.