New CRMDiagTool v3.0.5300.25000 (Added CRM3.0 SPE Support and Platform Tracing Facility)

Hi guys,

As a lot of people requested it, I quickly added Platform Tracing facility on the new build.
I didn't have time to really test it.

I also added SPE support which means that I'm cheking the properties of the Extra web site brought by the SPE Edition.

The platform tracing facility is really basic, I don't let any option or choice as I realized anyways that we use always the same settings when dealing with cases.

When we enable platform tracing (check the box anc click ok), tool will create the following directory where it will drop the traces:


Then it will create the following registry values inside MSCRM key (on the server) or MSCRMClient key on the client.


When we Uncheck the box and click ok, tool will try to get the TraceEnabled values, if it's there it means Platform Traces were enabled at least once, so the tool will set this value to "0" like this:


If the tool can't find the TraceEnabled values, it does nothing (tracing were not enabled).

Htp us fixing the CRM Issues faster in those times of heavy workload :-)