New CrmDiagToolTurbo 3.0.5300.060607 (Uploaded 06/06/07)

Hi guys,

I've posted a new version of the tool to fix some bugs.

Bug fixed:

- Wrong information was shown for the IDF website properties when running on CRM 3.0 SPE Edition (thanks Fouad)
- Remove the smileys about cluster environment.
- Added the support for SRS info wherever the ReportServer web site is installed. (thanks Clifford)
(The tool was checking the Defautl web site all the time so far, hence it failed if SRS was not installed there. This was sufficient for SRS 2000 sor far because installation on the Default WebSite was the only supported scenario)
- Added some more info on the Client Side report, like what do we have within the %APPDATA% folder

Maybe i've changed something else but I don't remember :-)