Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

My family and I spent Christmas in Cedar City, Utah visiting with my wife's family.  During that time, her brother also got married.  The wedding was on Wednesday, Dec, 27th, in St.George, Utah.  While there had been a little snow in Cedar over Christmas, there wasn't much on the ground.  That all changed on Wednesday.  It started snowing early in the afternoon (while we were still in St. George).  By the time we headed back up to Cedar City (about 45 miles away), it was almost 6pm and had been snowing for a while.  The last 10 miles were pretty treacherous, with almost blizzard conditions (you know it's bad when you can't see the lines on the road!).

After we got back to her parent's house, I took some pictures of the snow.  Enjoy, and remember - this is only from 8 hours or so of snowing.  It continued to snow throughout the night.