Cleaning up my mesh

After working with the Live Framework for a while I tended to accumulate a lot of random Mesh Objects as I build little samples to test this or that. I was just leaving these laying around but it was starting to clutter my account. And since the objects order is not the same on each request I have to keep searching every time something changes to find the one thing I am working on. (Yes the self link helps there but only if you are not deleting and recreating the object over and over)

So a little tip on deletion of junk. I had started to add a little piece of code at the end of each sample that deletes the object after using it but that's a little tedious and clutters the code.

Then I remembered – doh! – the resource model browser can post data manually. The beauty of the DELETE method though, is that it doesn't require any payload. So the fastest way to cleanup my mesh turned out to be the tool I was already using. Its simple

  1. Browse to the object you want to delete
  2. click “Edit Request”
  3. click the "Edit” link in the object (The “Self” link works as well since they are currently the same URI)
  4. change the HTTP verb to DELETE
  5. click OK

You should get an empty result set back. Rinse and Repeat down the list of items you want to chuck.

I was able to quickly browse through a few months worth of extra objects like that and now my Mesh is nice and shiny with no clutter.