Need a little Push?

The Windows Phone team recently released the Windows Phone 7 Recipe for Push Notifications which is much more in-depth than my simple server helper class.

While it maintains the simplicity I was after server side with actions like this to send a tile notification

// Prepare a tile push notification message.

var tile = new TilePushNotificationMessage


   BackgroundImageUri = tileImageUri, // Remote or phone-local tile image uri.

   Count = tileCount, // Counter between 1 to 99 should be displayed on the tile.

   Title = “Tile Title” // Title to be displayed on the tile.



// Send the message synchronously.



   var sendResult = tile.Send(phoneChannelUri);

   // Check the send result.


catch (Exception ex)

   // Log the error.


It also provides good patterns on the server and the client side as well for different push scenarios. More detail is available at the Windows Phone Developer Blog.