Visual Studio Database Guidance released

I’ve been doing a lot of ALM consulting over the years with many different customers and the database development pieces are often the trickiest to work out within the whole process. Over the weekend the Visual Studio ALM Rangers released the Visual Studio Database Guidance for Database Projects which should help everyone in that area.

It includes the actual guidance documents (of course) along with hand on labs to help illustrate

  • Solution and Project Management
    • Refactoring a Visual Studio Database Solution to Leverage Shared Code
  • Source Code Control and Configuration Management
    • Single Team Branching Model
    • Multiple Team Branching Model
  • Integrating External Changes with the Project System
    • Maintaining Linked Servers in a Visual Studio Database Project
    • Complex data movement
  • Build and Deployment Automation
    • WiX-Integration with deployment of databases
    • The Integrate with Team Build Scenario
    • Building and deploying outside team build
  • Database Testing and Deployment Verification
  • The “Basic” Create Unit Test Scenario
  • The “Advanced” Create Unit Test Scenario
  • Find Model drifts Scenario