Wireless MP3 is HERE!

I sent this as feedback on another persons blog -- but I've got to plug in some free advertising for Creative Labs.  This setup is incredible.


It took me about 15 minutes to set up over my existing 802.11 (wireless) network at home.  It would have taken less, but I have security enabled on my network, so I had to plug in the reciever into my computer's USB port to configure it.  The setup consists of 2 peices of hardware:

1.  The reciever  (just like an 802.11 base station, but instead of an ethernet output, it gives stereo output)

2.  A RF remote with LCD.  You don't need line of sight with this and you can browse your entire library.  My only complaint with this is that there is no pageUP/DOWN.  But “SmartPlaylists” and favorites makes navigation much easier.

There is nothing like lying down listeneing to your music and browsing for the next song on your remote.  Truly a new experience that you quickly get used to.  I don't think I will ever have another CD again.  Any CD I get as a gift will get downloaded to an MP3 file and then promptly placed in the trashbin.  Oh wait, my car still can't play MP3's.  Oh well, I guess thats where all my CDs will wind up.