Content Rollup for November and December

Here's a summary of all the content the VB team members, including myself, have created for you on the Developer Center and our blogs these past couple of months to make it easier to find. Remember you can also grab rss feeds for Downloads, How-Do-I videos and Resources all from the home page.

Also, if you missed the Channel 9 VB Christmas carol with Amanda Silver, Chris Anderson and Don Box you should definitely check it out!

Video How-To’s:

- Video How to: Simple Object Model and Query (Visual Basic) (LINQ to SQL)
- Video How to: Writing Queries in Visual Basic
- Video How to: Declare an Object by Using an Object Initializer
- Video How to: Enable XML IntelliSense in Visual Basic

Channel 9 Interviews:

- Type Inference in Visual Basic with Bill Horst
- Refactoring in Visual Basic with Refactor!
- XML Literals Performance and Namespaces Explained
- Brian Beckman Does Higher Algebra with Visual Basic

MVP Articles (featured on Dev Center):

- Creating Visual Studio Add-Ins

MSDN Articles:

- Map LINQ: Create Dynamic Maps with Visual Basic 9.0 and WPF
- Basic Instincts: Extension Methods in Visual Basic 2008

Blog Articles:

- Converting SQL to LINQ, Part 6: Joins (Bill Horst)
- LINQ for the Web Using VB (By Paul Yuknewicz)
- Mail Merging with Word, LINQ and XML Literals in VB
- Northwind Meets Virtual Earth - Generate VE Maps with LINQ
- Visual Studio Tip of the Day - Let's Build an Add-In
- Visual Studio Tip of the Day Browser
- Higher Algebra with Operator Overloads (Brian Beckman)
- Converting SQL to LINQ, Part 5: GROUP BY and HAVING (Bill Horst)
- Converting SQL to LINQ, Part 4: Functions (Bill Horst)
- Euchre Revisited: Fixing bugs and services releases (Matt Gertz)
- Silverlight Ux Musings: Providing Panning Functionality for a Canvas of Objects - Part 2 [Corrina Barber]
- Converting SQL to LINQ, Part 3: DISTINCT, WHERE, ORDER BY and Operators (Bill Horst)
- Silverlight Ux Musings: Providing Panning Functionality for a Canvas of Objects - Part 1 [Corrina Barber]
- Converting SQL to LINQ, Part 2: FROM and SELECT (Bill Horst)
- Launching External Tools from inside Visual Studio (Jonathan Aneja)
- Drawing Maps with Visual Basic (Scott Wisniewski)
- Hidden Gems in Visual Basic 2008 (Amanda Silver)
- Converting SQL to LINQ, Part 1: The Basics (Bill Horst)
- One is the Loneliest Number (Matt Gertz)
- Use WPF and inline XAML in your Fox, Excel or VB6 applications
- Use ElementHost to Add WPF to your Windows Forms or put your WinForm controls in your WPF app using WindowsFormsHost
- How to Create dynamic XAML to display arbitrary XML
- Use LINQ to Foxpro or any SQL data and display it in a WPF form using DataSetExtensions and DataRowExtensions
- Create your own media browser: Display your pictures, music, movies in a XAML tooltip
- WPF Animation: Use dynamic XAML to animate movies using XAMLReader or animate in code using BeginStoryBoard
- Use DataTemplates and WPF in code to create a general purpose LINQ Query results display
- Use LINQ with WPF : Styles and DataTemplates in code
- Extract TreeView or ListView ImageList icons from a DLL

LINQ Cookbook:

- LINQ Cookbook, Recipe 12: Calculate the Standard Deviation (Doug Rothaus)
- LINQ Cookbook, Recipe 11: Desktop Search Statistics (Doug Rothaus)
- LINQ Cookbook, Recipe 10: Pre-compiling Queries for Performance (Doug Rothaus)


- Visual Basic Express 2008
- .NET Framework 3.5
- Visual Studio 2008 Shell
- Visual Basic 2008 Code Snippet Editor (Thank you Bill McCarthy for another awesome version!)

And if you're starting to dig into WPF development with Visual Basic, the VB team released a dedicated page for all the WPF samples from Petzold’s book that are being translated by the community. Evan Lim and Ged Mead (MVP) are helping with the translation. Evan is also currently teaching WPF & Blend courses at Foothill Community College in Los Altos, CA.

VB WPF Samples :

- Chapter 1: The Application and the Window
- Chapter 2: Basic Brushes
- Chapter 3: The Concept of Content
- Chapter 4: Buttons and Other Controls
- Chapter 5: Stack and Wrap
- Chapter 6: The Dock and the Grid
- Chapter 7: Canvas
- Chapter 8: Dependency Properties
- Chapter 9: routed Input Events
- Chapter 10: Custom Elements
- Chapter 11: Single-Child Elements
- Chapter 12: Custom Panels