LightSwitch Community & Content Rollup– July 2013

A while back I started posting a monthly rollup of interesting community happenings, content, samples and extensions popping up around Visual Studio LightSwitch . If you missed those rollups you can check them all out here: LightSwitch Community & Content Rollups .

This month some exciting extensions were released and the team continued educating the community on all the new LightSwitch features in Visual Studio 2013 Preview – the team blog is on fire! The preview was released back in June and we’ve seen a lot of great feedback so far. Read all about what’s new for LightSwitch and please keep giving us feedback by visiting our forum for discussions, and reporting bugs on Connect.

We also have a couple important updates for you… read on.

VS2012 Update 4 RC1 & Azure 2.1 SDK for VS2013 Preview Released

A couple important releases were made available that impact LightSwitch developers. If you are experiencing the localization bug in VS2012 Update 3 that was reported, we recommend installing VS2012 Update 4 RC 1 for the fix. The RC has a “go-live” license so it is supported in production environments. Thanks to all of you that reported this bug.

The Azure 2.1 SDK was also released which has support for Visual Studio 2013 Preview. This SDK is required for LightSwitch publishing to Azure in VS2013 Preview. Open up the LightSwitch publishing wizard and it will walk you through installing the SDK using Web Platform Installer.

ComponentOne Studio for LightSwitch HTML Client Released

imageThe long awaited HTML client extensions from ComponentOne are here. We rely on third parties like ComponentOne to fill the gaps in our controls and screen templates so you can build some truly amazing custom business apps -- and they have delivered!

From their press release: “...users will find a wide range of controls from grids and charts to gauges and even an events calendar.”

Check out their Studio for LightSwitch HTML website for more information and live demos!

Xpert360’s New Lightning Extension: AIDE for LightSwitch

Xpert360 Lightning AIDE for LightSwitchXpert360 provides a ton of extensions for LightSwitch. In July they released their latest one, Xpert360 Lightning AIDE for LightSwitch!

AIDE is a set of productivity power tools for LightSwitch. It surfaces hard-to-access metadata to complement working with the standard LightSwitch designers. Metadata is collected and presented in intuitive views to assist your development.


New E-Book! Creating Web Pages Using the LightSwitch HTML Client In Visual Studio 2012

imageMichael Washington from is at it again and has released another LightSwitch E-book! Check it out.

Creating Web Pages Using the LightSwitch HTML Client In Visual Studio 2012
"Over the past year I have created more than 30 Visual Studio LightSwitch HTML Client projects.
While creating those projects, I ran into challenges that required me to go deep into the LightSwitch HTML Client API. This book covers the core concepts as well as the use of advanced techniques that I consider important to properly leverage this incredible tool." - Michael Washington


MSDN Magazine July Issue: Build Modern Business Productivity Apps with Visual Studio LightSwitch

July 2013Yours truly teamed up with LightSwitch expert & Jan van der Haegen in this feature article in MSDN Magazine’s July Issue! In this article we take a look at some of the new features in Visual Studio LightSwitch 2012 Update 2, specifically HTML and SharePoint apps support.

READ: Build Modern Business Productivity Apps with Visual Studio LightSwitch

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