Ah, people are settling into the new digs

It's always been hard for me to proffer pearls of wisdom here - one, because I have to go find some pearls to proffer and two, because I never knew when I'll have to use my own blog as a test case for funky things we've done at Gotdotnet (now blogs.msdn.com) and possibly nuke it. Me as guinea pig was certainly the case over the last few weeks...but the old gotdotnet blog is working right finally and so is this one. Yeehaw!

Big thanks to the GDN crew  - and I gotta send big kudos to Scott W and Rob H who made the new digs not only possible but downright comfy blog setups. Most of the folks made it here to blogs.msdn.com over the holidays and as Tim Sneath put it, the furniture is being unpacked. I'll be testing just to make sure this week, and there may be itty bitty tweaks if I see something amiss -but foresee nothing major.

I've been a program manager/project manager most of the time I've worked in technology (insert a Statler-and-Waldorf-muppet-geezer gasp here), which is not quite like being Al Gore and inventing the Internet :P , but anyway - coordinating MS bloggers has a distinct resemblance to putting on a cowboy hat trying to tell 200 clones of my evil black kitten Nikita what to do. Yet how invigorating! The Web has evolved to the point where people are uppity about their right to be on it (and I was handcoding when browsers didn't accept tables, so take that, young whippersnapper).

I cherish the uppityness but man, I'm glad the migration is done.

Veni, vidi, bloggi. Or something like that.