All MSDN-TechNet wants for my birthday is two cool new people to hire, maybe more

Hi all,

My old boss Katherine wants me to give a shoutout to the community about two new cool positions at MSDN/TechNet. They need a few people who fit the job description as regular site managers, and then they also need a site manager manager. They do not need a site manager-manager-manager, because that is Katherine, or someone under her. She is up there in the management overhead, er I mean, clouds. :)

Since I used to be a site manager, you think I would have the "inside" secrets on how to get the job. Well, when Katherine hired me (for which my mom is eternally grateful) I had to have a fellow site manager Matt Lusher sit me down in the cafeteria early that morning and hypnotize me before I could go through with it. This is all the more remarkable because he is not a hypnotist, but he chanted the magic words over and over "eye contact, make eye contact" and I told him frankly that it was creeping me out to look into the eyes over and over of someone I was not dating. Also, someone who was mocking me as our fearless PUM Sara Williams came in to get coffee. :)

I wore my sassy jacket. I'm not saying that clinched it, but it hid any possible armpit stains and bra strap issues.

I wore my sassy black boots. Since all my boots are sassy, and black, I don't remember which ones, but it was NOT the hiking boots I wear now as a casual and laid back "full-timer."  I have let my standards go.

Wear pants.  I actually don't remember if I went skirt or pants. But it's a bad day when you can't remember the "am I wearing pants" part of the ensemble. Microsoft interviews are tough. But at least if you decide to wear pants now, you won't have the weird amnesia problem I have - you know you wore pants.

Being a site manager is a people skills, herding cats sort of job. Proof you listen to customers is important to share. Sense of humor is critical. If you have dev and tech skills you should flaunt it, but user experience is king in site management.

Contact me through my blog if you want to apply for this gig. Cheers!