Author, author!

This weekend was all about books.

The big bash on Saturday was with Robert Scoble and Shel Israel celebrating their new book, Naked Conversations.  I learned that not only can I make Mom proud by the fact I'm actually mentioned in their book, I got the two authors to sign it just for her. (Don't buy one Mom! I'm sending it in the mail!).

Phil Weber also gets his karmic due (or payback?) by being the founder of my fan club and mentioned in my paragraphs. Don't say I don't bring people along with me.

While stuffing my face with chocolate and espresso, I ran into Mike Torres, who is also penning a blogging book on MSN Spaces, and perhaps what the blogosphere really wants even more than reading about all of us talking about ourselves - the book by Duncan Mackenzie and Brian Johnson's  Xbox360 for Dummies. Talk about superb rationalization for getting a 360 before anyone else! Gentlemen, I salute you.

Also I have to salute them for getting me to believe that guy you were talking to was Jeff Bezos.  (Bezos actually lives near the house where the party was, so it wasn't that out of the realm mof possibility). When they finally told me he wasn't THAT Jeff, my two former compadres from MSDN expressed amazement that I was unfazed, and immediately opened the copy of the book for "Jeff" and said, hey, look at me, I'm in the first 25 pages! I am sure I'm going straight to hell but well, I may never be on the first 25 pages of a book again. Milk it while you can, baby! (and I'd also ordered some copies before I knew I could get them signed at the party, from amazon - so I had the moral high ground!)

Everyone who met me overseas at TechEd Australia or Europe knows exactly how unschmoozerific I am.

The good news on my writing front is that with luck, I will have an irreverent article on blogging in TechNet Magazine (you know, old fashioned print) very soon. I will post when it comes out.

Live it vivid, and take your vitamins this winter - something's going around.