Bagels and Beau

This is a quick slice of life post - I'm working on the Windows Live QnA beta and don't have time to breathe - but today was an amazing morning.

The sky which is highlighted in that odd fantastic Seattle gray - we are not frying like the rest of the country any more - has that eerie backlit glow. Beau Hollis, known perhaps worldwide for what was done to his office by other interns here at MSN, is playing on a portable electric keyboard in the lounge. (Seeing him there, I put up a sign for him  that said "Intern Piano Bar - $1.00 favorite son g extra)

The latte cart - one of the perks of being in this building - is hissing and swooshing its caffeinated delight. And the admins have seen to the fresh bagels (Wednesdays are usually great days for a morning snack around here).

In the middle of madness, the little details about the place you work, the people who are nutty enough to work here, and the bagels (clearly) make all the difference in the world.

Cheers everyone. How small things make a great morning.