Ballmer on Blogs: Channel 9 Video

I loved this video.

Robert Scoble talks to Steve B about a bunch of different topics - what is evangelism, what do we want to do with developers, blogging, what does he say to criticisms that we don't innovate. Any doubts about their respect for each other are completely washed away.

In the video, you can see Steve's position of trust - hey, we trust employees to speak to the public in other ways - why is blogging different. That's the kind of thing to make me stand up and whoop.

I went through new employee orientation almost 2 years ago and saw video of Steve B and was immediately stricken with what some would say is a twisted desire to dance on stage with Steve Ballmer. Everyone has seen pictures of him dancing - I dance perhaps more gracefully, but what I identified with in his dancing is what I have in my dancing - I love to dance, and MUST MOVE.If you see Steve B speak in this video, its a bit like an American football coach - air pounding, hand waving, MUST MOVE.

He closes with BE BOLD and you know, that's where we have to be.

Live it vivid and thanks Robert for pointing this out. What a coup!