BBQs and Goodbyes

This weekend I got a chance to wish Maryam and Robert Scoble (along with hordes of other people from Gnomedex) well in their new life and Maryam's birthday. Despite the hint I made in a prior blog post, they were surprised when I handed them 2 of the "Scoble's leaving Microsoft" coasters created by Hugh of Gaping Void fame. (Shame on you Hugh, you should have sent Robert at least one! Oh well, he and Maryam have one each now).

Happy Birthday Maryam!!!

Happy Next Adventure Robert!!!

You guys are a class act and we will miss you!


PS - had to edit this July 4th because the photos were whacking out. Apologies - our larger than life Scobles deserve bigger photos but, Community server did not dig it. --Betsy