Betsy at the Blog Business Summit!

They've got a stellar lineup at the Blog Business Summit in Seattle at the Bell Harbor Conference Center this year, and I'm tickled pink to be part of it for these panel sessions:

Oct 26

11:30 Building Communities online

3:15 - Corporate blogging policy

4:30 - Microsoft and Social Media: Lessons learned from MSDN Community Blogs and Channel 9

Frankly I am looking forward to being a bystander for the other sessions too! It will be fun to see Robert and Maryam Scoble again, the unstoppable Liz Lawley and I always want to know what color Chris Pirillo's hair wil be. (It's different every time I see him. :) )   But I am also hopeful to meet Jory des Jardins of BlogHer (since Sara Ford had such a good time there) and John Battelle whose name is muttered in the halls of Search with reverence. Yes, I am woefully underschmoozzed! I've been busy!

( I've just realized that everyone has a better photo than me. Damn. Shows you who's the real professional public speaker.)