Betsy Blogs World Tour: chapter 2

Ok, so a rounding sound of appreciation for the patient UK user group folks who had to put up with my Webcast today - the phones didn't work at first, my laptop cut out of live meeting and then Eileen's would and she'd use mine - and I'm just enough of a terrified public speaker that any changes like that are hard for me to roll with. We know better for next time.

One fellow, bless his heart, asked when there'd be a Gotdotnet blues single cut for the music stores. He, and all the rest of them, are getting Gotdotnet t-shirts for that. :)

The Microsoft campus in Thames Valley Park is interesting - more like an IKEA-furnished dotcom skyscraper than the wooded forest buildings I call home in Redmond. They have desk available for temporaries and that's where I stayed, answering emails. Then Eileen and I sped off to her house in the countryside - YES, LONDON traffic is FAR WORSE than Seattle's - where we joined her friends and husband to see "She Stoops To Conquer" - a play several hundreds of years old but had all the man-woman foibles down to a t. We then went into Eileen's "OSI model of love," which I won't recount here but in sort of the men are from Mars, women are from Venus angle has the sexes processing information in different stacks (hint: women get the decryption layer) and of course all of us get it completely wrong.

Damn, I love talking to technical women. The metaphors are just so different. :)

I may not get to blog again til Amsterdam. Wish me luck, keep the peace, and live it vivid! :)