Betsy Blogs World Tour - Next Stop Auckland

Well, through the kindness of the Australian Microsoft team, I will be evangelizing blogging at TechEd New Zealand and TechEd Australia (at the Gold Coast).

The first thing I'll be doing is presenting on the Power of Blogging at TechEd Auckland's Student Day .  I'm told I will be also working the Betsy magic at the MSDN booth for both TechEds, as well as doing another student gig on the same topic for the mainland Australia TechEd.

My goals are as follows:

1) not to lose any identification, backpack, or sanity

2) to give the students some advice and insights on how to make their name blogging

3) to be as decent a booth babe as I was in Orlando, with less t-shirts

This feels a bit better than the European presentation -perhaps because the Power of Blogging is actually a shorter presentation than the 75 minutes in Amsterdam - and because I think today's students grok blogging more readily having grown up more with the medium of expression. made its name and critical mass by first appealing to college students (it was started by a couple of college students at the University of Washington) and that's a population with energy, flexible time, and things they want to say about their world.

Cheers! More on this as things develop!