Blogging and True Love, or, don't say Microsoft doesn't help its MVPS!

Well, this story has awaited some time to be told. Mostly because I spent a lot of time cackling over it as the events progressed and being rather smug, saying I told you so, and so forth. Now I REALLY get to go to town. :)

Remember how I screwed my courage to the sticking place and in August-Sept 2005 went off to speak at TechEd New Zealand and Australia about blogging? While at the Aussie side of the "Betsy Blogs" tour, I spent some time (working Redmond shift remotely) in the Speakers Lounge and happened to be sitting next to Tatham Oddie, a then 17-year-old wunderkind presenter whose 30something flatmate Troy Magennis was ALSO a presenter at TechEd.

Troy charmed me at one of the many conference lunches with the accounting of his presentation to Microsoft Australia about "what do techies really want." Basically, he painted a picture of hard-working blokes, geeky and socially shy, for whom technology was their reason for being. Please Microsoft, he said (or something like it) make better software because frankly, it's all we have to live for. 

His speech was so humorous (ala Robert Benchley's Treasurer's Report) that the Microsoft representatives came up to him afterwards spontaneously and asked him what he wanted. He said,
Dates with women they knew between 25-35 years of age. "

Amazingly enough, Microsoft folks rallied and he got a stack of business cards an inch thick for available women, and ended up in a two year relationship with one of them. That is why he appreciated Microsoft, he said.

So, the final week of my stay in Australia was supposed to be vacation (sadly I was on work email every day), and my adventuresome high school friend Janet flew in separately and joined me.

We went to Cairns and the Great Barrier Reef. We spent the last part of the trip in Sydney where coincidentally, since I was on email every day and conversing with Tatham about his latest geek project, the two of us plotted to have Janet meet Troy.

The game was on...

Tatham had Troy meet us in rather ungeeklike attire - his consulting business suit, very spiffy - and Janet was I thought highly impressed but playing it cool. We went out as a foursome and then added more of Tatham's friends, for drinks and live music. Janet and Troy seemed to be hitting it off rather well.

A few days later, Troy offered to take us up to the Blue Mountains for the last day I would be in the country but, I might add, not the last day Janet would be in Sydney.  (wink wink nudge nudge) He showed us around the scenic vistas, I took a bunch of photos which I may post after I get this blog out the door.

The last I saw of them in Australia was the two of them in the car, when they dropped me off at the airport. But that was not to be the last of Troy seeing Janet.... Troy came back a month later for the MVP Summit, they saw each other at Christmas and well, today I'm happy to announce that the couple is officially engaged!

She's moving to the land down under in the next few months!  The birdies are a chirping!

You know, you hear a lot about Google and Yahoo, but I really have not heard anything about their bloggers creating true romance.

Live it vivid! (and shoutout to Pimping Co-conspirator Tatham Oddie )