Blogging session done, on to Australia

Well they say stuff gets easier with practices and I guess my blog talks are getting that way.

I brought off the blog talk perfectly on time, gave 15 min for questions, got 5, got to talk to a couple of charming folks after and give them GDN t-shirts.

Once again the folks in NZ have been super super nice to me. The Speaker Lounge folks are just so sweet - two guys got me a latte this morning for no reason except that I whined. I am very very grateful for the moral support of the folks here at TechEd.

In between work stuff, I keep obsessively turning to the news. Sometime while I am gettign on a plane to Brisbane the hurricane will hit New Orleans area.

Another blog talk for Student Day Australia at 1:30 pm local time, then a lotta booth duty and a podcasting session, cabana session

Ready for a whole new continent? Australia, you ready for me?

Live it vivid. And send good thoughts to the New Orleans flightpath....