Boston in the Springtime: Foo Camp East

Well, I admit it; I've been textually unfaithful. I've blogged in everyone's blog but my own (Live Search, Eileen Brown) about my adventures and my tweet stream probably equals 10 blog posts in length (if not in actual coherence or sanity).

Community tip of the day (or reminder): Try to live large enough that you can either repurpose or re-use your textual genius. I'm just old school and hate to repeat posts.

While Search Road Warrior Aya is tearing it up in New York I will be in Boston this weekend, attending O'Reilly's FOO Camp. Next week: San Francisco and Web 2.0. Then after that, we actually have to do real work on this team and stop drinking mojitos. Too much mint, bad for you.

Anyway, I would tell people I was going to Foo camp and they'd say: Food camp, how awesome, is the Iron Chef coming? You marketing shills have all the luck, etc. etc.

Then I would say no, Foo. Like Foo Bar.

Oh you mean like there's a bar?

 No F-O-O. Like Friends of O'Reilly. Oh forget it. I hope to be presenting on bath bombs and social media.

Bath bombs...?

Yes, like I was making in Search a while back. I actually gave bath fizzies out to my team at XNA too, but people looked at me funny. Like, there's no fire button on this thing, why do I care? Although their female relatives and significant others benefited.

Anyway, O'Reilly tends to favor hands-on presos and as I was preparing for this craft and crafts session I realized there are actually a lot of things I can say that tie the making of bath fizzies and social media. I have a great example,, local to Seattle, that I can talk about Whuffie with as well as the supplies store for making them. Well, as long as the package I mailed to Microsoft Cambridge made it. :)

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