Brands Gone Wild - Bing & other brands at Blogher 2009 (Part 2)

As an experiment, for most of the  Blogher 2009 conference (except when I worked out in the gym), I opted to wear a Bing t-shirt everywhere I went. We are a new brand, and I figured it would help not only spread brand awareness but would allow me to be remembered if anyone had questions about Bing when they saw me. 

Yes I had clean ones for every day, thanks for asking.  :) There was the ibing, ubing (employee), the regular plain bing (official ones we give away), and "bring it/bing it" (don't ask) -- visually enough alike that I'd jog the memory but different enough you would not get bored if you knew me.

This meant that the truly wacky moments of branding during Blogher, I was showing the totem or waving the colors. And there were wacky moments.

My first moment of brand wildness was realizing I was sitting next to the guy who drives the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile at breakfast. You know what's coming here don't you?

Doggone Dave, at the helm of the Oscar Mayer Wiener

That breakfast, I was also sitting with Betsy Weber of Techsmith (I'm the Other Betsy) and we vowed upon hearing they were giving rides at lunch that WE HAD TO GO. I mean who can resist the Big Bun?

Here it is in full glory...

The Oscar Mayer crew took video of the "Betsy and Betsy" show as part of their ongoing tips for bloggers; stay tuned at the for more info on that.

Betsy of Techsmith really is an instigator - next she wanted to go for a ride in a Bitchun Yellow Camaro - we didn't EXACTLY follow the route GM wanted and we MAY have been irregular in our driving habits. People got out of our way though. No photos are provided here to protect the innocent and GM. :)

Next, I was getting ready for the cocktail party when I had more close encounters of the Brand Kind; an unusual visitor to the Microspa led by some Office folks.

And on Saturday (once again with Betsy Weber - do you see a trend here? :)  - posting with the Michelin man. Note how the curve of the Michelin brand is echoed by the phrase on my shirt. And yes, dude was self-inflating the whole time we posted for that photo and I don't mean ego. :)  I mean that suit is its own air conditioner....

What can we conclude from this experiment? Apparently if you are riding in a giant hotdog, anonymously screaming by in a yellow Camaro, following a giant feminine potato down escalators and huga beehive-shaped tire dude, nothing really bad happens to you from the brand police. At least, Stefan didn't call on my cell to fire me.

Bring it and bing it!