Coming for Holiday 2008 - Community Games on Xbox LIVE Announcement at GDC

Finally finally finally  I get to blog about this. :)  This is the team I am on you know - I am a pm for the community games team in XNA. But I've been so busy today at the conference, really other people are doing a better job of blogging it now.


There are 3 parts to this blog post  - the big community announcement, how you can get games you can play RIGHT NOW, and where developers can find out more about developing community games for Xbox LIVE at GDC.

Oh yeah, and I finally fulfilled a dream of playing Dishwasher with the creator, James Silva. Dean or Cyrus have the photo of the actual playing where I basically hacked randomly and James wreaked carnage.


 Dave Weller has a long blog post here:

And there's more going on at the XNA Creators Club Web site:

I offer some photos....

Chris Satchell, below, talks about opening up the Xbox to community games.

The initial list of community games is:


• The Dishwasher: Dead Samurai (I played this at Gamefest and could not stop)

• JellyCar ( I loved the sound effects of this game - squishy and addictive)

• Little Gamers (much carnage with cute characters from the Web site)

• Proximity HD (This game got Dax addicted)

• Rocketball (great multiplayer game - met them at Gamefest - playtested with friends and pizza)

• TriLinea (the one game I have not played yet)

• Culture (if you like flowers you will like this - non violent)

How to get community games now is in the FAQ posted here:

If you are a visual person, Major Nelson and Michael Klucher show you in video format how to get the community player  and download the games:

For GDC-goers, the breakout sessions about community games (Albert Ho and Dax Hawkins presiding)  and the Zune announcement (which Michael Klucher is speaking on) are tomorrow afternoon in room 3002, Moscone West. They will have additional info not present in the FAQ or other locations. More to come!

Live it vivid!