Community Tip of the Day: New Year's Resolutions

1. Blog more. Try not to suck.

2. Come up with a phrase that is a counterpart (but not the opposite) of "Blog Smart."  A phrase that is the opposite of Blog  Boring  'n' Safe but not the opposite of Blog While Still Employed.

2. Yes, this is the second 2.  Be willing to revisit old ground to learn new things.

3. Twitter @ more people. It's always nice to get the @ from folks and you know you peek like a voyeur into their lives and munch the tidbits like hard candy Jolly Ranchers. Pay them back with some tweet love.

4. Start leaving respectful comments on gaming blogs. You know you want to. And get out more into the world of gaming forums. Even if you get the "are you a real girl" question a bajillion times.

5. Try not to sell out and let everyone be your friend on Facebook.

6. Try to resolve your identity crisis on LinkedIn.

7.  Ask for endorsements on LinkedIn even though you feel like you are lame asking for praise. It's supposedly good for your career. But mostly it is just ego stroking, so pay back people who ask you and you don't have to lie to endorse.

8.  Tout the Windows Live What's New feeds on your personal page and messenger. Dang, it's even busier than Facebook! What the...!  Now you have to put more photos on your Space...!

9. Read more social media blogs and quote people. Like this great post from Marc Sirkin about the torturousness of trying for greatness. Seek out unconferences like She's Geeky and anything ending in camp (and hopefully starting with bar, but they can't all be that way. :))

10. Read the stuff that keeps you humble and self-critical, on purpose. Like this great post by Danny Sullivan. Anything by  Mini-Microsoft. Mary Jo Foley. Lose weight with Scott Hanselman.

11. And cause this thing goes to 11 like Spinal Tap, watch the video that went round the world again: The Last Lecture.  About taking your life to 11.

Live it vivd!