Derailed by thoughts of my birthday

Ok, I was going to do an all-serious post about Gotdotnet, which has literally kept me in the office past midnight and can be at times - as I told one user - "server rodeo."

But I was completely derailed by Kent Sharkey who made fun of the fact I am going to be a crone by asking me if I was going to get a hut with chickenĀ legs - you know like the folktale witch! And I thought, that's it! That's what I want! The Baba Yaga RoboHut6000! With laser gun turrets!

Kent then wisely asks (because he knows to humor me) - why the guns? And I explained, to defend the earth from alien invaders.'s not just for old people any more!

But then my imagination really caught fire. What ELSE could I get for my birthday? Rapunzel (tm) genetically engineered hair that grows on command? Glass Nikes? A bevy of 7 little mutant men that would clean my house and cheerily sing hi ho whenever I asked them to do something?

Suggestions, anyone?