Duncan Mackenzie professes his love for the 9 Guy

Well, not precisely. I ran into Duncan  in the cafeteria today and he noted his last day was coming up at MSDN.

Duncan I first met when I first came to MSDN a few years ago. Did I know he was an author or a guru? No, I just knew that he had some swag for me....Laura  John strong-armed him into giving me a laptop bag to carry with me to PDC 2003 so I could use my laptop there.

It's a great fit - Duncan went from content strategy to development at MSDN most recently, and now he's going to be on the dev team of one of the most evangelical of teams.

Channel 9 first launched when I was first hired at MSDN, and we all watched with amusement, envy, and scoffing at how they could pull off all those complex community apps and evangelism with such a strange mascot to boot. Now of course, Channel 9 is an institution and a companywide banner for what can be done in the community space, plus everywhere I went in Australia this summer people mobbed me for the little 9 guys I was giving away.

BetsyEdit: 1 hour later:

I need to mention that my team, the Communities and Collaboration program management team, is looking for a strong leader and technically savvy person to fill these shoes.  In addition to the Gotdotnet senior tester I already blogged about.

On the reflective side, I was in a Microsoft.com ops meeting this morning and realized that about a year ago today our Gotdotnet hardware really sucked a lot more than it does now. Hardware migrations are not the most fun thing in the world, but the difference between GDN 12 months ago and now is pretty large and growing. Now, if we can only design a mascot... :)

Live it vivid!