Envisioning blogging without er, throwing up

Next week I get to do yet another presentation with Robert Scoble, Blogger at Large. It's always a pleasure because Robert is so darn sunny in his personality and he's a natural presenter - he digs that evangelism thing and can wing it on notes taped to his sleeve. I am of course more terrified and methodical, especially when ( as with the Webcast we did together) the audience is people who do evangelism for a living and present all the time. I live and die by the Powerpoint. Oh and Advil, never forget the Advil.

I suppose the subject of this post is misleading in that presenting doesn't usually lead me to dry heaves or as they call it in the scientific community, sharing the effervescent almonds. Presenting can drive me to wear clothes and uncomfortable shoes, drink too much coffeee and feel like I'm about to jump off the high diving board with a horde of killer penguins circling underneath. (No, that's not a Tux reference, back off. I just saw the Futurama with Bender joining the penguin tribe and teaching them the art of war).

This presentation differs from the Webcast in that we get to go more indepth about why you'd blog - from a business  perspective but also in the higher woo-woo community perspective of, lo and behold, hearing from customers and the general public. Where the audience is nice is that we don't have to sell them on the listening ideas - developer evangelists' job is to listen. There is no corporate evil in this presentation - we are just paving the way for people to make the case in their orgs that they (or their team) should blog.

I would write more here but I'm realizing I'm running out of steam. And I'm running out of steam because I'm on this low-carb regimen for New Year's that involves a lot of looking, but not touching, the cafeteria donuts. Which is where I am writing this. Big, glazed, 2-for-one-after-2 p.m. donuts. And its distracting, more than it should be. My brain stem is apparently only out for one thing, and that's to have a big...piece...of pastry.

More next week, where I promise to have a better handle on my brain.