Envision:Powerup Walkthrough


Welcome Envision Attendees!


Alrighty, so the above was part of a presentation I did with Robert Scoble for attendees of Envision, an internal company conference for the sales engineers and others in the field. As I mentioned in a prior post, the Kingdom of Loathing people gave me permission to use him, and I remain eternally grateful. :)

They had one of those body mikes with a mike end that was barely larger than an ear bud, and I was critiqued for looking like I was going to inhale it (you don't need to lean over them apparently - I'm used to the big mikes that rock and roll stars use :) ).

As mentioned in prior blogs, presentations bring out my neurotic tendencies, and Stephen Lamb, an ITPro Evangelist from Great Britain who blogged the presentation while Scoble was talking (!!!) said it was amazing. Right before the presentation, I looked petrified. When the recording started and our MC Eileen Brown started going, it's like the Fake Confident Persona (tm) washed over me and he couldn't tell.

Now, all I need to do is put a bag over my head until right before....

Actually I have to give high praise to Eileen who put up with the oddities of all of us. There's me, who overplans, reworks slide decks incessantly, and as a pm is just tetchy about the details not coming together. S I arrive hours early and have too much coffee to bring my nerves to fever pitch. Then there's Scoble who can extemporaneously speak to anyone, anywhere, on any device while fielding press calls - and he arrives barely in the nick of time as we are starting (bearing Channel 9 guys as gifts to the audience).  Eileen and I were trying to figure out what to fill the second half of the presentation with if Scoble never made it - I felt like I knew some of what Scoble's slides meant, but they were also a shorthand unique to him, and I felt like it would have been a sorry substitute. Fortunately in the nick of time, we have Robert and waves of relief.

Scoble when he gets up there is smiling, relaxed and waves his arms around. I need to practice my arm waving. And not inhaling the bud-mike.

Mike Torres, lead pm for MSN Spaces, joined us for the second round - a panel discussion on the  (DEEP VOICE) "Blog Advantage."  For those who haven't been hit over the head with news story after news story, MSN Spaces is the snazzy blogging cousin of blogs.msdn.com that owns a Jaguar - they got images, they got IM, they got ability to limit viewers to your inner circle. They got the consumer angle too, which will make them an interesting creature to watch in the next few years - the American public I know is ready for blogging, it's just whether the blogosphere is ready for the American public. :)  .Text differs in that its code base is public and thus the developers and ITPros can hold forth upon it...MSN Spaces is proprietary and not as under the hood.

Mike is cool and dangit, he has the same phone as Scoble. What more needs to be said?

I really feel like that phrase "Blog Advantage" smacks of an infomercial topic, some sort of best selling 3 a.m. mouthwash, rather than a topic, but we showed the field some tricks on how to use the blogs in their work and had a lot of fun speculating what's coming down the pike. We even amazed Eileen - she's never seen a panel where at least one person didn't leave early, and no one left. We riveted them to the end.

Whew! now on to the next adventures....