Game Developers Conference 2008 - preconference notes

 This is what the conference center  looked like on Sunday before I got my badge. It looked the same after, except with a tinge of relief. :)

This is the mysterious shroud Joystiq is talking about. I like my photo better than theirs.

My photos are going to probably run a day or so behind until I get the hang of this conference. Julien and I are wandering the Indie Game tracks for two days til the main conference starts and the rest of the crew are doing talks, setting up stuff for later in the week.

 I want to give a shoutout to the kind people who chatted with me today about game development  from That Game Company, Gastronaut Studios ( who gallantly claimed I don't drool when I sleep on planes)  and the Gameinvest folks from Portugal who shared their table when I was In Need. Thanks all!