Gamefest 2008 - Beans spilled for the bean counters, a good booth day

I am back to the salt mines after a day of booth babin' at XNA Gamefest.

It was very cool to see all the MVPS again, hear from customers about what they hope we can do for them in the future, and chat a bit about peer review (no, it's not the same thing as certification and TCRs). 

It was also cool to be in the keynote audience and see Boyd and Chris talk about what we've been waiting waiting waiting to talk about: you guys getting paid to make games for the Xbox. The Web site FAQ goes into even more detail:

I'll be watching the blogosphere and the forums to see what you guys think.

Oh yeah, George Clingerman double-dog-dared me to put the  When Cods Collide Game up through the submission process. I guess it's a good thing peer review isn't really a quality measure, cause one thing you will notice is that it's labeled for the wrong platform. I'm not offended if you mock it. I think.

But anyway, watch for it. Music by Mad Malcolm is probably the only thing worthwhile in there. :)