"Got Issues?" FAQ coming shortly to Gotdotnet.com :)

I was sitting in the Microsoft cafeteria I think of fondly as an expanded Starbucks (there's a latte stand on one end, but the entire color scheme might as well be in a Starbucks cafe) with Chris Sells. I was asking his advice about outreach to the Gotdotnet developer community, and he suggested I create a “Got Issues?” page, an FAQ based on the Gotdotnet feedback emails I get every day. So in the next week you should see this page go live on GDN - brilliant idea is his, any execution errors are all mine of course.

Being the voice of Gotdotnet support can be hard sometimes, because I really do try to get responses back to people within 24 hours (unless its a weekend), and there is so much else going on at MSDN that also happens under my watch. And of course some folks are cranky, some are esoteric, some are coming from another planet, and some want to sell me stuff. We don't have advertising on GDN - those folks you see up there are Microsoft partners. And I don't control the Codewise program - if you want to be a Codewise site, you need to email the listed contact email for those folks as they have separate requirements for who is allowed to be in the program.

The only truly exciting thing for me this week is that I signed up (we'll see if I get in) for a Japanese swordfighting class. Since my lineage has samurai in it, we'll just have to hope I don't skewer anyone too much. Least of all myself. And no, this has nothing to do with answering the Gotdotnet feedback mails. :)