Gotdotnet, the uptimes and the downtimes - which is Feb 28th to be precise

Hi all,

I'm blogging this on the eve of our next Workspaces code drop: some performance fixes, a couple interface tweaks having to do with the FAQ, a subtle Gotdotnet home page change, and a majority of the bugs you've seen in Workspaces (knock on formica) nailed. Because we did not manage to make the January drop due to angry hardware, and that set back our timeframes, this February drop does not nail ALL the Workspace bugs as we had hoped. However, at this time tomorrow, we hope you will see the site both

1) up again and

2) working more smoothly than it has in some time.

The code drop starts 9 am Feb 28th Pacific Time and with luck should end well before close of business day. Famous last words, don't tempt the gods, I know. This blog will have updates.

I'd like to take a minute to give a shoutout to Korby Parnell, who has just joined the Gotdotnet efforts with a passion. Korby in general has a lot of passion (see blog above) but Gotdotnet I think has fired him up a bit in the way that it sucks in so many of us. :D  (See the Gotdotnet Valentine's Day post for some of my theories about why people love Gotdotnet and why the disappointment when we aren't up or performing smoothly runs deep.) Korby's initially going to tackle an application area that is not so persnickety as Workspaces nor as mercurial as Gotdotnet's other applications: he's going to be taking a hard deep look at User Samples and some other issues around collaborative development.  Right now I'm busy getting him the admin privs and telling him to rock on. :)  

Korby alludes to the fact that he's left the MSDN-TechNet community pm team for his new gig over here with me, which also means I must call out the fact that "over here with me" is not MSDN-TechNet like I used to be. :)  We are now a part of the Communities team (their blog is here).  Korby came over with a clean slate; I brought my projects (Gotdotnet, with me. This seemingly administrative happenstance is actually an empowering move, and promises to be fabulous for the Gotdotnet community. Our group is under Olivier Ribet, an innovator and community visionary in his own right, and in talking with Olivier I can confirm he understands both the pain and the promise of

So - wish us luck with this code drop, keep those bugs and suggestions coming!

 Live it Vivid!


Edit: Sunday 2/27/2005 6:32 p.m. Addendum - One of the GDN servers seems to be misbehaving at this writing; no fear, we are checking on it, but the simplest way to get around it while ops is doing so, is to clear browser cache in between tries and get one of the other servers that are in fact serving fine.