Gotdotnet Workspaces downtime 5pm -10pm Thursday Feb 23

EDIT: Had to update this to reflect 5pm start of downtime. Sorry about that; there's a chance it may go shorter than 10pm but we want to be safe in warning you all.



Yep, sucks.

We are hauling servers over to another location. As in. Toting that bale, hauling that digital derriere.

The rest of the site will be up. Workspaces will be down. Yes, I know what redundancy means. Part of moving stuff around is getting to that hallowed place. Send technical issues to the gdnfeed email/contact us. We will be listening.

Feb 20th had the downtime we hoped to avoid but it was resolved by midnight, which was good. All I know is, I ain't writing no more blues. :)