Happy Birthday Whidbey!

So, I have not blogged in forever. Years in Gotdotnet time, but over a month to the rest of you. :D

Yes, I have aged. Pete has not aged, but he has also not slept. (Hey, that might be the secret! Just don't sleep...)

Gotdotnet is currently launched on Whidbey in beta mode. What this lets us do is get your feedback and the remaining kinks out before we deploy on RTM bits Nov 15th.  (We are running on a point version before RTM at the moment).

So far people have confirmed our suspicions on what to adjust for Nov 15th - font size smallness will get addressed in waves, with CodeGallery and Workspaces addressed first. It's not actually as easy as you'd think to propagate these changes - part of the code tweak will be to make it easier to change in the future.

And finally, the site matches the t-shirts.