harrumphing to glory

Alrighty. So we lose Scoble, we lose BillG (in two years). One of my community mentors, Olivier Ribet,  just announced he is going to work in the area of mobile devices overseas for Microsoft. If I hadn't already done a bit of leaving on my own a few months ago, I'd be even more weirded out ....but since I just went through the phase change myself, I recognize the signs. Doesn't mean I'm not nostalgic or temperamental about them going....

I got my gapingvoid.com Scoble coaster in the mail finally and it has me all reflective on blogging in general, my blog, the new blogs I have taken on (http://blogs.msdn.com/livesearch and http://spaces.msn.com/livesearch) not to mention QnA's blog (http://liveqna.spaces.msn.com).

Since Al ("The Blogfather") Billings left Microsoft and running the IE team blog, I inherited the feisty internal email list for bloggers at the company. IAfter hearing a lot of internal discussions on this over the years, 'm doing some conscious evaluation of the risks I have taken blogging so far (not many - I'd say my internal mails to fellow employees are more incendiary) and whether I should be taking more. Last year the biggest risk I took was embarassing myself in front of 100s of TechEd attendees in foreign lands. Now I'm thinking more about what kinds of things I would do to make Microsoft better, and how blogging fits into that.

So if you got any, I'd welcome feedback about my personal blog and the MSN/Live Search blogs, which I admit are not carrying the usual Betsy irreverent voice (QnA sorta is, but we gotta have a live product to talk about before I can really go to town). Judging from some folks' reactions to the Search blog, they are comfortable with it as an official voice rather than an informal one. But to me, we could do better at presenting Search team members - you aren't seeing them in their savvy, witty glory.  We could talk more about what we think about every day as a Search team, from the mundane to the sublime. I don't want us to harrumph our way to the front page of the New York Times. Or maybe there's something wrong with me?

What do YOU want to see on the MSN/Live Search blog? What do YOU want to see Betsy blog about?

Feel free to let me know in the comments below, and thanks!

Live it vivid!


Betsynote: About an hour after I posted this, I ended up reading Rory Blyth's post. Only Rory could combine dating a hot model, Christ, Galileo Galilei, Salvador Dali, Steve Ballmer and technical dudes in an RV into one stunning post about saving Microsoft from itself.

Chutzpah factor: high, writing style: amazing. Beware of profanity.