I need to blog, then eat

I just said those immortal six words to my long suffering officemate, who runs the .NET Framework, ASP.Net, and Longhorn Developer Centers on MSDN. I don't actually place blogging before good food - if I did, you'd see a lot more posts from me (Kent Sharkey being #4 in total posts on blogs.msdn.com and quite proud of it is inspiring me). My officemate just told me she couldn't go to lunch.

More often at Microsoft, you see people saying stuff like “I can't go to lunch, I have to finish this“ or, if they actually have personal lives they say stuff like “I can't go to lunch, I have to run errands for my family/parents/significant other/significant pet.“ Or they say:“ Sorry, lunch meeting.“ By definition, where sometimes you get lunch, but if someone is a hardcore meeting taskmaster, you are lucky to remember to bring your Diet Coke to the meeting and *think* longingly about food. And don't think we don't know you are doing it! That, or pondering the latest “Friends“ re-run. It shows baby, it shows.

The mystery of course is how the Microsoft cafeterias still remain full if we are all working, and yes, we are not all supermodel thin. My theory is that coffee is actually more nutritive than researchers currently suspect, and we are having snack amnesia (do you remember the last snack you ate? do you?).

All this blogging almost made me forget about eating. Almost.

More when I've gained sustenance,