I write like a girl

I stole the name of this post from Raymond Chen's post of a similar name.  What makes it great is that Raymond writes about 1,001 posts to my one. So by the time I reference his post with mine, it's buried on his blog, like I discovered ancient Mayan ruins or something and the post content is all new again.

The other reason I feel impelled is that actually no one has ever told me I write like a girl, either penmanship-wise or the way I erratically string phrases together. It might be that no one can read my penmanship 'cause I type on the computer a lot. Unlike Raymond's penmanship which is apparently in use. Also I try to throw in masculine words like..er...mojo or ...er....compiler. Yeah, I will throw my big manly compiler on the .. er...heap. Socks! Balls!

(this is so not working)

Yes it is hard to even figure out how to try to write like a man. I mean, I write like me and I've spent my whole life in this Betsy-grown soft gray brain mush, thanks, and except for a bad Mark Leyner phase I am so over - so over it baby - I always write like me. I'm lazy and that's the easiest person to imitate.

Ok, the real reason I am writing this post is also to pimp what Raymond was kind enough to pimp for me  first- my tongue in cheek history of Microsoft blogging ...you can't see the graphic as well as the print version, but that's Britney Spears there in the corner. Not with the cape and muscles. The other thingie.

The TechNet people thought it was good so I hope you do too. There's a girl in there writing, you know. Writing like a girl.

Nuts! And, Live it Vivid!