Ignite Seattle - do you want eggs with that?

I have been downed with a cold for the past week or two and have not been at my best, so I could not stay long. But it was a grand energy and tumult at the second Ignite Seattle tonight.

The "make"  project, which I saw some of, was ...could you devise a way that your poor egg could remain undamaged even after being buffeted by this catapault device looking vaguely like high tech tinkertoys and chrome?

As I promised Brady Forrest, I brought some QnA goodies and left them by the Make magazines. It was just a neat vibe: creative, techie, and of course the wine bar ambience in the back and the regular bar ambience near where the egg protectors were being hatched (er, assembled).

Korby Parnell was there, so I expect he'll blog a better update (probably staying out later than yours truly too).

I sneeze respectfully away from you! Live it vivid!