I'm not green, which is why I am still at work

Here's the dilemma.

If I were to have taken the bus, I'd be home now. (though perhaps after a more than hour ride)
If I opted to work from home in my pajamas eating ice cream, I'd be home now. (after no ride at all but perhaps after about 5 lbs had been added)

If I were extremely hardcore buff like my old boss Nils, I'd have biked to work in the freezing gray rain both ways.(after freezing the hindquarters off)

Instead, I drove to work. In a car with heated seats, singing along to bad techno and warming my flab. But the universe has ways of punishing those who do not take the hard road. And, carpool or no carpool, you can see how I've watched the traffic go at this handy traffic tool. Just dial it back to between 5-7 pm for today.


Normally this would not be so worrisome. I would just have invoked my workaholic tendencies as per usual, crank out a spec or two, listen to some tunes and get really really hyper on bad coffee.

But sadly, my brain supttered out  at around 4pm. In the middle of a conversation with my boss about our Web site.

I AM a Microsoft veteran and have some brain backup systems ("I'm sorry, I will have to get back to you on that." is a good one, also " I promise to take care of that in the future" and  "Sorry, not enough coffee") but something about the weather, the flu going round, the general lack of coffee - the brain conked.I've been pouring coffee on it to no avail and even ate a healthy fruit ( banana). I can't get it back tonight.

I've worked til 10pm some nights, but just not tonight.

I guess I will have to play an Xbox game while I wait here. Oh, the humanity!