In the spirit of even more blog pimping

I have received multiple requests for pimpage and I feel that Dave has had his moment. Now, I must spread the love.

First, even though they did not ask for pimpage, I say: thank you to the Gotdotnet community members who waited for us as we achieved the victory! ...yes, the Visual Studio plugins are working again! I have passed along your info to Doug Seven so that when we get a "develop Gotdotnet on Gotdotnet" project, he gives you a ping.

Second, because they paved the way for the VS plugin victory, I salute ops! Yes and did you know they have a blog?  Take your ops problems to the people, people!

Third, I feel that I must celebrate the holiday with something other than Gotdotnet (although the kindness of the GDN community had me sentimental this morning). Since I in no way resemble this blog site, I feel I should send you to Cute Overload.  There. You have had it. Pimpage and cuteness.

On to the next thing, which is - Feb 20th we are having a deployment for Gotdotnet that may take the site offline for an hour or so. (Actually we are working so that it does not, but we may not be able to avoid it). I am sure people feel like we ought to have our servers mounted on little wheels, they move around so much but yes, we actually have to move SQL servers again, and its some Datacenter Thing We Must Do. Like I said, we will try to minimize the downtime pain, but, if we can't, we apologize in advance.... go look at the Cute Blog or something while you wait.

Live it vivid!