Jason Calcanis - You Thin, Thin Thing :)

OK  this is awesomely post modern. Robert Scoble links to Jason Calcanis post, whereupon I follow it to lean Jason is encouraging others to link to  ....Jason Calcanis.

There are some rules to get him to Link Back. Mostly, you have to indicate a photo of him that is thin, and say something charming and witty.Also you have to link to a photo where he looks thin....http://www.conversionrater.com/index.php/2006/10/26/jason-calacanis-keynote-at-blog-business-summit/. Did I mention dude is thin?

Frankly, I don't think even a link from Jason Calcanis can save my blog, which is currently read by a small elite of ne'er do wells and microbes. I think Korby Parnell gets more traffic than I do.

But I'm game. :)  Also, I have to respect Calcanis for sticking with his workouts and fatblogging.

I have been to the gym only once since he's become more buff and eating right. I am not fatblogging...I am fat!

Live it vivid!


Betsynote 8:28 pm update: Kent Sharkey just asked if he was a microbe or a ne'er do well and I had to admit he was neither. Dang! Someone IS paying attention to this blog! My theory is ruined!