London calling

By now everyone's read the news. It was wild to be at TechEd Amsterdam and hear it because it brought home how delayed American news sources can be - because of time zone, because of news staff resourcing, but also because our US borders are so far apart that we don't as readily recognize how the world is on our doorstep. Still, this was page one for most places.

For my part, I fly out through London this weekend to get back to Seattle. It looks like flights are still going, but who knows? As one friend noted "How bad can it be to be stuck in Amsterdam with a corporate credit card?"

Yes, but (click heels together Dorothy) there's no place like home, and if I'm to be blown to bits by a terrorist, I'd rather do so surrounded by people I love than strangers. Surrounded by my own wifi.

Ok, that's a bit sick, but I am sure you know what I mean.

Times like these you are thankful for the Internet - thankful it still works here at the conference and that Web sites are casting their needed information out for you to catch. Thankful that so many people are in fact good at heart. I may have the chance to see the Anne Frank house but I don't know how ready I will be to go there. I fear the echoes.

You may have noticed that you not seen any photos of the 9 guy - although he WAS in the pocket of my shirt during my presentation. He vanished one night and re-appeared and I considered it best not to ask what he was up to. :-) Maybe we better come home just so I don't have to call Robert Scoble about bailing the 9  Guy out of jail or something.

Live it vivid, and please be safe out there!