Man with blue beard and parrot hat

So I'm watching the guys closing down our time at the booth...I fly out tomorrow and so this is my last note from TechEd Orlando. Tonight is the final party for me (not for others) and so I have this feeling of nostalgia and burning desire that my shirt was less wrinkled. I hope there is food.

The wrinkled shirt feeling is from watching Dave "Daytime Slick" Morehouse in his unwrinkled-at-end-of-day Oxford do the spiel on RSS with a customer whose getting a Gotdotnet t-shirt. "Nighttime Slick" is of course Doug Seven. His shirt is unwrinkled and his ear hoops sparkle.

We are going to be stowing the shirts under the table, tidying up, and piling the empty boxes. We brought 1,000 shirts and I think 500 are gone already. If you had said to me, "Betsy, you will be in Orlando watching the dev/test/pm/pdm  members of communities team sell people on Gotdotnet and hand them a t-shirt," I would have been checking on the substance emitting smoke from your mouth. :)

It's been actually a moving experience (it would be more dramatically expressed except I had no sleep) to see this change. To see the new logo on the shirts. To hear folks that have been gone from GDN for 3 months come back to us and say - "Hey it IS faster now!" and to hear the honest complaints of community developers ameliorated in part by being able to give them a cool t-shirt. We photographed some leading lights, plus our ops team members who are here, in the shirts.

I did not yet get a chance to give and photograph Hanselman in a shirt. Maybe next time!

Live it vivid!

Note: I came back the next day and tweaked some grammar errors - not sure if it was typing or the no sleep.