Marketing Eye for the Dev Guy

Ok, I'm taking a break from blogging about Gotdotnet today to talk about the idea for a new cable show that sprang upon me like a panther on a protein jag.

It was inspired by's very own snazzy lead product manager, Dave Morehouse ( communities team). I have to tell you that Dave is a man of substance, suave haircuts, and snazzy shirts, but it's his documentation that always makes me feel unkempt and well, like my specs just don't wash behind their ears. Every time I get a document from Dave I read it, and then I spend literally 5 minutes turning green with envy at how cool the fonts are and how nicely organized everything is. My hair snarls, and I am despondent.

But then he sent me an email - a meeting agenda reminder or some such about RSS - and I was in even deeper despair because his email signature looked so darn cool. See below.

dave morehouse

sr. product manager | smart components & syndication

mscom crm & communities

That's when I decided we need a new cable show "Marketing Eye for the Dev Guy" - except of course, it would involve Dev Girls as well - where we'd have a roving horde of nattily dressed product managers come and spiff up our lives. They'd rewrite our specs so they look as smooth as Scoble's phone and sing like <your favorite band here>. They'd come to our cubicles, scrub out the pizza stains and diet Coke disasters and put up tasteful art and throw out the requirements docs from 1992 that we can't bear to part with.  In my case, they'd untie the knot of cables that threatens to overwhelm my desk and put little rubber organizer loops around them. Also, they'd make our email signatures look cool in every language, even ASCII. :)

They'd hand out certificates for free manicures, pedicures and massages and chide us when we bite our fingernails and reward us when we behave in front of customers with chocolate and perhaps, quality microbrews.

Ok, ok, Gotdotnet is now up and so is Workspaces. Just not officially. We are still doing some tests, but for the most part, your stuff should work. Live it vivid!