New Year's Resolutions for 2007: Less Carbs, more Rory

I got double-memed by The British...."5 things you don't know about me"

Alex Barnett

Eileen Brown

This is obviously, well, a trial of nerves, wits and steel. I mean silicon.

The "tag-you-are-it" school of blogging disclosure...hey everyone, as if bloggers didn't talk about themselves enough, let's make them flagellate that confessional podium just 5 examples more. :P

(BTW - I'm going to cheat and pass this meme along solely to Rory Blyth. He's frankly the only blogger I know who does "things you'd never have expected to know about someone" as an art form and humanitarian comic relief.  And even if he ignores my tag because he's Made It To the Big Time of Channel 9, I know he'll deliver you the goods eventually.)

O, the goods on Betsy are...

1.  I am not related to the famous golfer Isao Aoki or the Benihana dude  Rocky (though I once won a scholarship Rocky funded).

2. Over the holidays, I got annoyed at how my sorcerer was dying throughout Neverwinter Nights 2, and have restarted the game entirely with a ranger instead. Let's just say now the "animal companion" is now getting on my nerves. I mean, it's a freakin' badger. How dignified is that?

(On the Xbox front, I have been an avid spectator of Dead Rising on the Xbox 360. Mostly because I have not managed the "sweeping the zombies with the park bench" maneuver and its not worth it to me to go smaller.)

3. Someone introduced me to progressquest, perhaps because they heard me gripe too much about NW2. It has changed the way I think about my job. No really. More on this later in the year.

4. In my creative writing, I am going through a "carb phase." In my spare time, I've written about bread, pretzels and noodles. The sad part is I'm about to START South Beach again. Which means I will be fixated on them even more than before.

5. I'm older than I look. Big thank you goes to Rob Dolin of Spaces, who said "we 25 year olds must stick together!" 

Cheers! Happy New Year! See you in Vegas!!