Paid to tweet, like I was paid to blog

So, I've done many awkward things in my bespeckled and bespectacled community career.

I've worn speaker Oxford after speaker Oxford - and you tech geeks know the ones. The ones that have embroidery that say "Speaker - Teched Amsterdam 2005" and you feel you can't give them away, yet you can't wear them to a hipster bar - or anywhere except your own house -  without feeling like Class A Dork.

I've been recorded saying "um" on channel 9, channel 8 and other random podcasts. Be ready for more!

I've been photographed with Ms. Dewey. That, may not come again.

But now.

Now, it's my duty not only to man (or woman) a blog  for Live Search on occasion, but to drink and stream into (now, that doesn't sound right does it) the firehose that is Twitter. And more than that, I have to pick a twitter client. Because like blogging, mystic vital forces forbid you actually type into a Web interface. Nonono. The hands they must not be sullied in touching No, you have to find some desktop client with a t in the first part of the name - twhirl. Tweetdeck. Twitterific. T-rouble my friends. T-rouble right here in Twitter City.

Pray for me. And if you have a favorite Twitter client (sorry no Macbooks - just a T- Mobile Wing and a T- hinkpad laptop running Vista) feel free to tell me what to do. I am currently fascinated by this writer who left the choices of his life up to the community.

Live it vivid!