Passing the torch and the bottle of single malt Scotch

So, it's with great pleasure that I introduce the new, and the not-blogging-yet member of the Gotdotnet team, Pete Coupland. He used to run the PAG lab as a vendor and is now charged with the fiery flamed ops torch  of Gotdotnet - that is, keeping the server rodeo to a minimum and the test and release processes moving smoothly.

PAG was grumpy to lose him and it's easy to see why - his aura of calm IT poise contrasts wildly with the mayhem that can be running a cantankerous Web site and lab environment. (Click on the mayhem link when you have audio and time; I laughed til I cried.)

Some of the worst parts of Gotdotnet uptime and ops are over (hearing me sing, for instance.) Nobody's up all night with Gotdotnet any more except Jennifer in mscom ops, and that's her normal shift, and we aren't the only thing she looks after. Not that things are perfect - we had a Workspaces hiccup in service over the weekend once again proving the site is alive and  sentient and perhaps, slightly evil. Our work on User Samples today went the smoothest such things have gone in a while - but we still had to do some server tweaking to ensure the goodness.  And don't talk to me about hardware....

Talk to Pete! And that's where Pete comes in - sure, the site's more manageable, but we know we still have to win back into the excellent zone. I did the hacking through the jungle part - Pete's making the rose garden. And ya, we never promised ya a rose garden but just watch. New stuff emerging like the phoenix from the ashes of the old.

So, you might think - well, Betsy's handed this one off in time to just kick back, relax, and enjoy the summer right? Er no.

If it's not smoke, it's blogs, and that's going to keep me running all summer. There are definite improvements ahead for Community Server and even though I try to block it out I still have to present at TechEd. This is a plea in the universal language of stage fright: try not to laugh at me during my TechEd session ok?  Maybe I can get a European chapter of the Betsy fan club to wave encouragingly or strong-arm hecklers. :)

Live it vivid!

P.S. Betsynote a few minutes later: Check out  the cool TechEd podcasts!