Preachin' the GDN Ways

So I have been remiss in posting some key TechEd Orlando photos.

One was a situation I really wish I had seen - but can share thanks to Jason McCullough of the CCT team (his camera) and Brandon Blazer, whose name is the coolest and who actually took many of the topmost photos.

 Joseph Tremoulet, a rather shy and retiring developer, felt the spirit move him (or maybe it was the spirits imbibed the night/morning before). He leapt on the table where we were handing out the Gotdotnet t-shirts and started firing up the crowd. He whirled t-shirt after t-shirt (egged on by my team mates I might add, who were feeding the t-shirts up to him) and got the crowd yelling "GOT-DOT-NET! GOT-DOT-NET!"

Joseph on the table whirling t-shirts

Then he took off the t-shirt he was wearing - the shirt off his back - and threw that into the crowd (yes, he was wearing clothes underneath, what do you think we are? Tacky?)

Another key moment was meeting a man we'll just call "the Swag King." :)

The Swag King and his Loot

Another shirt victory was swapping garb with Shaun Walker and the Dotnetnuke lads.

We made them wear our shirts:

And we wore theirs (that's Sandy on the right and me on the left):

But I have to save the best for last....this is the photo that is now on my desktop as my background image...yes....Scott Hanselman who has coined the new Gotdotnet slogan! (Click on the image for a better view of his blunt assessment).

Now I know I can rest happy (or at least, feel less guilty about giving Gotdotnet ops to Pete!)

Live it vivid!


Edited June 19, 2005: To correct picture attribution.